python3 安装 oss2 报错 ERROR: Failed building wheel for cryptography

python3 安装 oss2 报错 ERROR: Failed building wheel for cryptography 解决方法

在redhat 6.8安装了python3.7,但是 pip3在安装oss2时一直报错

pip3 install oss2


error: can't find Rust compiler        If you are using an outdated pip version, it is possible a prebuilt wheel is available for this package but pip is not able to install from it. Installing from the wheel would avoid the need for a Rust compiler.        To update pip, run:            pip install --upgrade pip        and then retry package installation.        If you did intend to build this package from source, try installing a Rust compiler from your system package manager and ensure it is on the PATH during installation. Alternatively, rustup (available at is the recommended way to download and update the Rust compiler toolchain.        This package requires Rust >=1.56.0.       [end of output]    note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.   ERROR: Failed building wheel for cryptography Successfully built oss2 aliyun-python-sdk-core crcmod pycryptodome Failed to build cryptography ERROR: Could not build wheels for cryptography, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects

根据这里的提示,升级 pip后安装 oss2还是报cryptography错误。

v2 0bf9471050270450eb256a4d9255c711 1440w


pip3 install cryptography==3.4.8
v2 75217725b0507d37b979acf66626177b 1440w


v2 fe5d9eca238c74009fcfa1b7263dd8e8 1440w 1