Best VPN for China (Still Works in 2021), Real time test

This blog can help users in mainland China to break through the Great Firewall of the Internet. I will provide the most realistic and effective VPN test data in China to provide readers with effective advice. Since China’s firewalls are constantly upgrading, all VPNs will also be constantly upgrading to get past them. Therefore using a VPN in China will always be in a dynamic state. The only way to keep up with the latest VPNs in China is to constantly test them!

Over on the eastern side of the world, there is a magical country called China. It has a very long history and also now plays a very important part in the global economy. However, it is surprising that in such a country, there is no open and free Internet. But that’s the truth.

No VPN in China is 100% stable. I’ve read too many testimonials about the use of VPNs in China, and a lot of the authors are only doing one test while writing their articles, or copying other statements, which I think is irresponsible behavior. In this blog, you will find out which VPN is the best for China through the section, and find the best VPN connection in China through the constant testing, summary, and when you encounter any usage problems, you can also find the answer here. Since this blog primarily serves people in China, it is written primarily in Chinese. If you have questions, you can leave a message to let you know. I can answer your questions right away at any time. Because I’m all too familiar with the various situations in which China uses VPNs.

Every year, millions, or even tens of millions, of foreigners come to China to work, live and travel. This is a very large number, but when these people come to China, they feel restrained, because they cannot use Google, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, Line and other platforms in China, as many of these websites and applications are blocked by the Chinese Great Firewall. These applications are not just used for entertainment, many people need to use them constantly, as these Internet services have evolved into work tools. They are used to using these tools to communicate with customers and friends. It is unthinkable for them to insist that their counterparts connect with them using baidu, Wechat and 163mail as soon as they arrive in China.

My blog has always been focused on testing how Internet users in to bypass the Chinese Great Firewall and access those websites blocked by China. Since China’s network firewall is constantly being upgraded, I am constantly testing the various VPN services suitable for use in China, so that I can feed back the latest information to my readers. I think this is the most responsible way for me to assist my readers.

During my testing, I have found that even the VPN, which is claimed to be the most stable VPN in China, can be temporarily unusable at different times. This is because the relationship between the keepers of the Chinese Great Firewall and the VPN service providers, is like the relationship between cats and mice; cats learn a new hunting skill, and mice need to learn a new skill to escape as quickly as possible. Mice and cats cannot live in the same space! This is an interesting analogy, which I hope helps you to understand the relationship between the two. There is a lesson to be learnt from this metaphor, that is, we must find the most powerful VPN service providers, because only they have the power to play cat and mouse with the Chinese firewall.

Maybe you’ve read other bloggers’ recommendations about the best VPN to use in China. They may recommend that you use “ExpressVPN”, but in my years of use and testing, it’s not the best choice, because every time there is a major upgrade in China’s Great Firewall, such as happened in June 2019, its performance is not very satisfactory. Although they solve problems of unusability quite quickly, the transfer speed is not fast enough, and therefore “ExpressVPN” only ranks second in my list of recommendations.

Let’s take a look at some of the best VPNs that I recommend for foreigners when they are in China. These will help you bypass the Chinese Great Firewall and quickly access the network platforms or applications you need. At the same time, I would like to tell you that if you only need to use a VPN for entertainment and occasional use in everyday life, then you can buy any VPN, because even if it doesn’t connect or won’t work for a short time, it will not really affect you too much. However, if you have to use a VPN to access blocked websites all the time for work, then I strongly recommend that you buy 2 or 3 VPNs, because no matter which VPN you use in China, there will be temporary inaccessibility at times. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the situation. Consider a company’s technological R&D strength versus a country’s R&D strength, you can imagine the outcome! However, if a strong company can make rapid technological breakthroughs after the event, then this can work very well.

The reality is that achieving 100% utilization by purchasing a VPN is absolutely impossible, and even the best VPNs can only help you get 90% to 95% utilization. This is what my experience has taught me, and now I will outline the best VPN options for you.

Another point to note is that the VPNs I introduce here can be used in China or in any other country, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.

We use the VPNs recommended by me almost every day. You can view them by watching the “” section. Although the articles in it are all in Chinese, please believe that the content of our evaluation is true and effective. of. If you want to read the “” content, please help with Google Translate. Because we don’t have time to translate everything into English and other languages, because of that, the workload is huge.

The following comparisons are based on China’s domestic performance.
The following ratings are based on my test summary of the 【daily speed】 column for each VPN.
Experiencia ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ Manual ★★★ Manual
Usability 4 3.5 3 3 3.5 3
Stability 4 3.5 4 3 3 3
Speed 3.5 3 3 3 3 3
Devices 5 5 12 6 5 Unlimited
Use devices Windows、iPhone、macOS、Android
China IP Not Support Support Not Support Not Support Support Not Support
Win Auto Auto Auto Manual Auto Manual
IOS Auto Manual Auto Manual Manual Manual
Android Auto Auto Auto Manual Manual Manual
Macbook Auto Manual Auto Manual Manua Manual
Split Tunelling Support Not Support Not Support Not Support Not Support Support
Encryption RSA 4096 RSA 2048 RSA 2048 RSA 2048 RSA 2048 RSA 2048
Ad blocking Support Support Not Support Support Support Support
Support 7/24 7/24 7/24 7/24 7/24 7/24
Refund 30 Day 30 Day 30 Day 30 Day 30 Day 30 Day
Month $12.9 $9.95 $10 $11.95 $10.95 $12.95
6 Month $9.99
12 Month $6.67 $3.33 $5.83 $6.99 $4.08
24 Month $4.99 $1.99 $2.49
Best Plan $0.99/5Y $3.49/3Y $1.94/3Y

I am often asked, how about NordVPN? How about ExpressVPN? Is PureVPN easy to use? And so on, I think that only by conducting continuous real-time testing can you know if it is good or not. This is the original intention of [Daily Test]. Due to the continuous upgrade of China Great Wall Firewall, all VPN and over-the-wall software cannot avoid temporary shielding or slowdown. Through this section, you will get the latest usage of the VPN computer (Windows, macOS), mobile (Android Android, Apple IOS). Due to limited time, I will try my best to update a test article about VPN software usage and connection speed every day. If you have any questions, please leave a message.

Usually I will translate the test into English to make it easier for you to read [ /English]. Sometimes I may not have time to translate my test content into English and publish it. You can view my Chinese test. These are some test parameters. I believe you should be able to understand even Chinese.【 /Chinese】

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1、Best VPN in China

expressvpn-中国vpn翻墙软件Recommended reason:

ExpressVPN provides stable connections, good speed and simple operation for VPN users in China. Although its price is a bit expensive, But it can bring you good VPN service, which is the most important.

ExpressVPN features & Add-Ons:

For ExpressVPN users, you don’t need to set too many VPN software. Open the software and connect to the server. It’s that simple. It is very suitable for business people, these users need to be simple, fast and stable. The cost is not an issue.

  • Anonymous IP: Yes
  • Kill-Switch: Yes
  • Netflix compatibility: Yes
  • P2P servers: Yes
  • Max. simultaneous connections: 5
  • Servers: Although it has 3000+ servers worldwide, if you use it in China, ExpressVPN generally only provides 5-6 Chinese-specific vpn servers. Although other servers can sometimes be connected, it is recommended that the 5-6 servers suitable for China have the best stability and speed.
  • Device support in China:

Windows、iPhone、Android、Macbook、Chrome、Firefox: These devices are usually used by general users, and ExpressVPN can be used perfectly. You need to connect according to the official recommended server for Chinese users. Of course, these servers will be updated frequently, but it will be below the current software for the first time, as seen in the previous screenshot.

Of course, it also supports many other devices. You can go to the to view more detailed content.

ExpressVPN stability and speed:

Using VPN in China is a special case. It doesn’t just need data encryption protection, it also helps users use Google, YouTube, Facebook, and more. You can’t measure its use in China according to the test speed of other countries, because that is not accurate.

And this speed will continue to change according to the continuous upgrade of China Great Firewall. So simply exemplifying its stability and connection speed is meaningless. If you want to know the actual usage and speed of NordVPN in China, you can read: , This is Chinese content, if you are interested, you can use Google Translate to read it.

After sales support:

There are too many service companies that still use email to provide customer support or feedback. This is an old and inefficient way of working. ExpressVPN boasts a 24/7 365 live chat feature that has been consistently rated one of the best in the business.

30-day refund agreement:

According to ExpressVPN regulations, when you purchase their VPN service. No refunds can be made within 30 days. When I tested their service, I think the best thing is that their refund efficiency is almost real-time.

ExpressVPN Pricing, Plans & Facts:

ExpressVPN divides it into 3 packages based on customer needs. You can make purchases according to your needs.


(This plan is the original one-year plan, now a limited time offer: buy a 12-month package and give away 3 months. The original 1-year package price was $8.32/m.)

Payment method:

 supports a lot of payment methods. Including Visa, Alipay, PayPal, Webmoney, American Express, Bitcoin. etc.

2、Best VPN in China

nordvpn-中国vpn翻墙软件Recommended reason:

In China, stable connection and use of VPN is the biggest recommendation. Because of the stability of NordVPN, I recommend it.

Why can it do it? I think it is mainly because of the following:

1. NordVPN is based in Panama, as the country has no mandatory data retention laws and does not participate in the “” or “”. This is a prerequisite for all services they provide.

2. NordVPN is the world’s recognized industry leader, with very strong capital and technology. Their unique “Obfuscated Servers” technology is an important feature that can help users in China access Google and Facebook. etc.

NordVPN features & Add-Ons:

NordVPN has a lot of features, but not all features can be used in China. I will give a brief introduction to its functions here. And explain the use in China.

  • IP hiding: Yes
  • Netflix access: Yes
  • Torrenting/P2P: NordVPN has this feature, but it is not available in China.
  • Ad-blocker: Yes
  • DoubleVPN servers: This is a double encryption technology, but it is not available in China.
  • Servers: Although NordVPN has 5000+ servers worldwide, the servers available in China are the following.
  • Max. simultaneous connections: 6
  • Device support in China:

Windows、Android、Macbook:In China, the confusion server function is enabled, and the VPN can be directly connected through the App. During the strict management period, you can connect through the servers listed above, and you can connect most servers during normal times. If the server I provide cannot be connected, you can contact NordVPN Customer Service for the latest server address.

iPhone、iPad:  In China, NordVPN is used on the iPhone and must be connected by manually adding servers. Because there is no confusion about server functionality on the iPhone. For specific reasons, I replied to the NordVPN technicians that the confusing server function violated the Apple Store’s shelf rules, so it could not be approved. So even if you log in to the US ID’s App Store, downloading NordVPN is not possible to make a VPN connection on the iPhone used in China.

If you don’t set it up, you can read the iPhone section in the article: , It is Chinese, you can read it via google translation.

Of course you can also use NordVPN with these devices: Linux, AndroidTV, Chrome & Firefox they have detailed tutorials for protocol connectivity for them and 40 other mobile OS, RaspberryPi’s and routers.

  • Kill Switch: NordVPN software automatically kills your connection if your VPN connectivity is interrupted, blocking your device or terminating certain programs from accessing the internet.
  • DNS Leak Protection: Yes
  • Onion Over VPN: In China, Can not do it.
  • SmartPlay: In China, According to the server that can be connected in China, this function can be partially implemented.

NordVPN stability and speed:

Using VPN in China is a special case. It doesn’t just need data encryption protection, it also helps users use Google, YouTube, Facebook, and more. You can’t measure its use in China according to the test speed of other countries, because that is not accurate.

And this speed will continue to change according to the continuous upgrade of China Great Firewall. So simply exemplifying its stability and connection speed is meaningless. If you want to know the actual usage and speed of NordVPN in China, you can read: , This is Chinese content, if you are interested, you can use Google Translate to read it.

After sales support:

When you are using NordVPN, you need to ask any questions. You have two ways to get in touch with the NordVPN support team. The first is online chat, and the second is email: [email protected]. You can get quick answers in both ways. I generally recommend using online chat, which is faster. You can find it in the lower right corner of any page on the NordVPN website. It is very simple.

30-day refund agreement:

According to NordVPN, you can request a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase of NordVPN. There is no reason, as long as you want a refund to be successful, this is a great experience. In order to verify the actual situation, I tried a no-reason refund. Their refund rule is: When you request a refund, it will be processed within 24 hours. It takes 1-7 business days for a real refund to your account. This depends mainly on the efficiency of your banking operations. When I test the refund function, Arrived in 1 day. Of course, after the refund, I bought their products again, because it really works, I can’t leave it.

NordVPN Pricing, Plans & Facts:

NordVPN divides it into 4 packages based on customer needs. You can make purchases according to your needs.

  (Save   0%)
        (Save 41%)
        (Save 66%)
        (Save 75%)

Payment method:

supports a lot of payment methods. Including Visa, Alipay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Crypto Currencies. etc.

Payment method 2019-06-20 pm 4.23.59

3、Best VPN in China

  • Advantage: Low Price, Good stability, China IP.
  • Disadvantage: Speed Not fast, Mac and iPhone use manual configuration.
  • Device: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone.
  • Split Tunelling:No.
  • Number of Devices:  5.
  • China IP: Yes
  • Support and refund: 7/24 and 30 Day;
  • Price: $0.99/months 


Daily Speed – en:
Daily Speed – zh:

4、Best VPN in China

  • Advantage:Low Price, Stability and speed is not bad, Have some China IP;
  • Disadvantage:Mac connect need Manual configuration;
  • Device:Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, Chrome, Firefox. 
  • Split Tunelling:No;
  • Number of Devices:5 ;
  • China IP:Yes;
  • Support and refund:7/24;30Day;
  • Price:$18.99/Year (Limited time Promotion)


Daily Test PureVPN – en
Daily Test PureVPN – zh (Main)

5、Best VPN China

  • Advantage: Low Price, Support unlimited devices.
  • Disadvantage: Stability is not good enough.
  • Drivec: Windows、Mac, Android, iPhone, Chrome, Firefox.
  • Split Tunelling:Yes.
  • Number of Devices: Unlimited.
  • China IP: No.
  • Support and refund: 7/24 and 30 Day;
  • Price: $1.94/Months


Daily Test – en:
Daily Test – zh: (main)

Other frequently asked questions

Can I download a VPN if I’m already in China?

If you are already in China, you can also download a VPN. it’s just that the download process will be more responsible. If possible, it is recommended to download the VPN APP to your device before you come to China.

Ways to get a VPN in China:

1、The easiest way is to download the VPN when staying at some international hotels in China, such as InterContinental, Marriott, Wyndham, Starwood, Shangri-La, Hilton. These hotels will have a VPN feature built into their WiFi. If you are going to Hong Kong, you can also download it through the Hong Kong network.

2、Register or download through the mirror site of the VPN service’s official website.

3、Sign up and download the VPN program with the help of a friend.

What websites can I access in China via VPN?

If you use a VPN correctly, you can access Google, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, BBC Play, PornHub, and anything else you want.

Why I understand which VPNs can break the Great Firewall?

Using VPNs in China has always been unstable, and there are very many VPNs that operate for a period of time the Chinese market will launch. And since Chinese network firewalls are constantly being upgraded in real time, I understand which VPNs can be used in China for a long, stable period of time. They must be tested on a regular basis. And there are different results depending on the ISP and equipment.

I used the [] column to test different VPNs on different devices. I usually test a VPN repeatedly in 3-7 days. In addition, I also learned about the usage in different parts of mainland China through the messages left by many readers.